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Facebook has over 2 billion users worldwide, and in Kenya an estimated 30 Million people are on Facebook, with active users totaling to 8 Million plus! Now imagine a scenario where you can tap a share of that vast population as your target market? Facebook marketing done right will expose your business to a larger audience. Your brand visibility on Facebook will result in a situation where your brand will be talked about when you are not there. How good could that be? And this is what all businesses strive to achieve. So, what is Facebook marketing and how is it done? Ask your friends if they have a Facebook account and 79% will answer in the affirmative. Ask them how long they spend on Facebook and they will also amaze themselves that they keep on checking it several times a day – 2020 ASD Stats show the average Kenyan spending 4-6 Hours per day on Facebook Apps ( Instagram, Facebook & WhatsApp).

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Let’s bring back our attention to a random Kenyan who has a physical premises somewhere along Ngong Road; how many people pass by the shop, company, or organization in a day? Compare the traffic and try and evaluate the potential of a digital footprint. Not yet clear? What we would like you to understand when we tell you Facebook Apps are one of the most used social media platforms that can transform your enterprise into a regional business power house is Facebook Marketing Capacity!! “How will I do it?” “Where do i start?” You ask. Don’t worry: at the end of the article, we will tell you how you can start using Facebook Apps to increase your reach as well as increase your revenue; and how Facebook Apps will work for your business.

Facebook Marketing is generating brand awareness and maintaining brand visibility on Facebook through free posts and boosted posts that are paid for. Creative ways are employed to capture attention and cause prompt action. Facebook marketing requires proactively reaching out to customers. With Facebook Marketing, you can also create an online job at home and reach more customers than with a physical office or location. Content that attracts customers are tailor-made towards the target customer to elicit a response fast. This is where digital professional services come in. They will help you create content and format ads that cause a reaction. When you can influence a few of your target customers they become social media influencers. Social media influencers pull a bigger crowd and within a short time your brand visibility increases. Social media influence is like a social influence. Often you will realize that some decisions you make are not your own.

We only think that social influence only happens in the adolescent’s stage but no one is immune to social influence. When someone shouts fire in a mall or a crowded place people start looking for the exit without the actual evidence of fire. For those of us who have traded in the stock exchange we can also relate to how the probability of rising or falling of prices elicit mass action; only for the outcome to shock most people who did not do their due diligence. This is the kind of ripple effect that Professional digital services create when they work with a company that wants to leverage the Facebook platform.

Facebook users in Kenya
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Most entrepreneurs are now realizing the potential that Facebook Apps(Instagram, WhatsApp & Facebook) carry. More than 3 million advertisers use Facebook to promote their brands. You might be having a page on Facebook but is it working for you or against you? You might also have paid to advertise through ads but you cannot see the result. Worse still you might not have a Facebook page for your business.

This is where we come in Click Here and register with us today for a customized Facebook marketing experience exclusive for your business; creating value for your business.

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